When it comes to rejuvenating both your body and your environment, lay your trust in our stimulating and invigorating essential oils that range from lemon to lavender.


Replenishing the skin with potent moisturisation and a radiant glow. Organic Harvest Essential oils are the ultimate skin treatment for early signs of ageing, repairing sun-damage and sensitive skin.

Organic Harvest Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated oils that are extracted from different parts of plants, flowers, leaves, and roots. The process of extraction includes steam distillation, a process that involves applying steam until the oil vapourises. Each organic harvest essential oil has the characteristic scent of the plant.

Essential oils are beneficial for the skin and emotional brains because of their therapeutic properties. Using harsh cleansers and soaps strips off the natural barrier oils, and the skin becomes unable to function as it usually would. These oils include highly nourishing properties that help replenish the skin.

The power of Oils

Our range of essential oils is a lightweight blend of organic and plant-derived ingredients which makes it powerful yet, a delicate treatment for all skin types. The formula is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids to enhance the skin’s radiance while making it soft and supple.

How to Use Essential Oils in Daily Beauty Routine?

Organic Harvest essential oils can be used in a lot of ways. The ideal way to use Organic Harvest Oils is to mix it with a carrier oil or a daily moisturiser or cream. 1 drop of essential oil mixed with 2 drops of carrier oil can do wonders for skin, hair, and body. The concentrated form of essential oils are too strong and can cause a reaction that is why it is important to mix them correctly. The range of oils can also be applied over make-up to give the skin that extra glow. Apart from benefiting the skin, it is good for your well-being also as it helps with anxiety disorders and depression when diffused for inhalation.



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